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my ex called me ugly, please help?

My ex told me he is so thankful that we never slept together because it 'would have been the biggest mistake' and he said that his other exes were '10/10's' (kind of implying that I'm no match for them). Im really hurt by what he said. We broke up 4 years ago but he won't leave me alone and has contacted and tried to meet up with me ever since - I have always refused to meet up with him and have repeatedly told him to delete my number- I've changed my number twice because he wouldnt leave me alone but he always found out what it was. I know he has been on and off with his very stunning girlfriend so i dont understand why he is contacting me at all. I want nothing to do with him but his recent comments have been so hurtful... I'm a virgin so I found this quite horrible to take in.

2013-10-27 23:33:38

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