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Extremely painful pain up my spine? Help please ! :(?

I am only 17 and I fractured my l4 and l5 in my lower back when I was 13 and have always had tolerable back pain since then. For the past month the pain has shot up the wall starting from where I had fractured it and all up my spine and I have been on prescription pain killers for about 4 weeks now. My chiropractor told me my si joint and facet joint are grinding against each other instead of gliding smoothly. I have had x-rays done and everything seemed normal but they also showed normal when I fractured it so I had multiple bone scans and mri's done. I feel like there is more then the 3 joints grinding against each other ... I can't do anything without being on painkillers which are not good for my liver at all and get to the point of crying because I am in so much pain. I am tired of this pain I'm only 17 ! Can anyone give me some input on if there is anything wrong with my back ? Please and thank you !!

2013-10-27 23:35:30

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