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Help! i need to decide on what I should do for halloween (5 stars (10points?) best answer)?

At the moment I'm deciding what to wear for halloween, it's a choice between zombie school girl or voodoo priestess. I have a gorgeous black gothic dress for the priestess costume. It has a lace up bodice and a two layer skirt. The top layer has a slightly flowered ripped pattern. I would wear my lace up black boots or flowery pumps. My makeup would be a skull shape and markings on my face, neck and shoulders. For the zombie costume I'd wear a school shirt and skirt. I would roll about in the mud outside of my house to make it look dirty and I had a 'violent' death. I'd palen my (african-american) skin with white facepaint and I'd smudge newly applied mascara etc. I'd also cover myself in fake blood and I'd make a bullet wound or something out of glue. My hair would have twigs in it and it would be in two matted pigtails. Please help I'd love lots of help with this descicion....halloween is great for me I mean, running around pretending to be someone you're not all night long with friends is even better than my birthday!! I will give 5 stars (10 points??) best answer for the greatest explanation as to what I should be!!!

2013-10-27 23:38:25

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