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Anxiety is killing me for this girl.......?

I know this girl that we work together. I love her very much,she is divorced and had baby.we chat a lot but sometime I ask her some personal question but she didn't reply,still she talk with me,even she send me message like good morning,how r u doing,is that mean she liked too.i have very bad anxiety and negative thoughts like sometime if she didn't reply my message,I feel so upset why she didn't reply me,I know may be she is busy but still I can't control my it because I love her to much and I don't want to lose her.i want to make her happy always and also I don't feel confident and thinking am I not handsome and not so fit body,this are my own thoughts.but it make me upset.please need some help,how to make this girl like to me.does she like me or not.

2013-11-01 03:17:25

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