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DUI plea bargain, who and how to I seek one?

DUI plea bargain, who and how to I seek one? I go to court later this week. I was cited for DUI. I am going to try and plea bargain, but i dont want to pay for a lawyer. Please advise me. The reasons i think i may be able to plea for a "Wet Reckless" are below: -My BAC was .10, only 2 points above legal. -I cooperated 100% with the officers, and did not refuse any tests. -My field sobriety test was excecuted on a slight slant, where walking was a bit difficult, may have skewed test results. -No prior criminal record, or DUI's. -The officers did not arrest me. They allowed someone to pick me up from the station within an hour of my detention. No fingerprinting, no mugshot, no drunk tank, no arrest. (I f

2013-11-07 18:50:20

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