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is this a good idea? would it make a difference?

I've been contemplating starting a FB group called "STOP BREEDING START CARING" that would basically talk about the overpopulation of horses and try to convience people to stop breeding so much. I've bared witness to many a cruelty and neglect cases and I feel helpless that I can't do more. I don't have land or money to make a rescue or anything but Iwant to try to convince people-even big name breeders-to hold off breeding for 4-5 years and let the industry re-coup. Humane societies and rescues are having to literally give away horses becausd there's no room! They aren't even going out to check ppls places like they used to! It sickens me. We need to finish our drinks before re-filling our cups so to speak. Would something like that make a difference? I know its probably a stupid question but wanted feedback anyway. Thanks.

2013-11-07 19:12:49

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