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my bf lies to me aloot...? help please?

my bf lies to me alot.. like he always said that im sick and im in hospital so i cant talk now but at last i came to know that he have other fb id and when he go offline from his first id he come online from other.. and he said its just family id so i just forget it..and then after he send me some body pics of boys and said that its him.. so i believe in him.. one day i searched on google and i find out that it was not him. it was fake pics.. so i told him and he cried and said sorry etc so i forgive me.. then he did this again so i forgive him again.. and told him that dont do this again and promise me. he promised.. after some days he send to me other pic of boy body and said that ""its me i swear if u dont believe its ur problem"". i said okay and believe on him.. but i find out that its fake too.. and he also lie to me abt other things... but when i told him abt the last pic that its fake too he deactivated his acc for 2 days and then activate it again.. and start pretending like a normal and said that i deactivated my acc becz doctors told me not to talk to anyone in hospital and etc so when i check his other id profile (he dont know that i check it too) i saw that he posted many posts from about 1 day it means he was lying to me again . and i just didnt talk to him.. what should i do? should i leave him or what? no rude comments please btw we broke up but he still msg me. should i back or not?

2013-11-07 19:06:39

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