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What should i get out of these 4? iPod Touch, Xbox 360, a Wii U or a PS Vita?

Yeah, I'm not really sure what to get... iPod Touch could be useful for when I'm going to somewhere special with my school in April, as I'd like to take pictures and stuff. My favourite game is Sonic Dash. I do have a 3DS to take pictures, but I'd like something that's easy to take out and just tap camera. Now Xbox 360... all I see is the exclusive games and Kinect. Wii U? Tons of things: Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros U and Luigi U, Super Smash Bros. etc. PS Vita is cool, I could connect to 3G internet on the go. And other things... Skype? and probably some cool games, and there's AR cards like the 3DS, but they look better than the 3DS. This is all I'm interested in. NOT PS4 or Xbox One. They are over priced, and no games I'm interested in, and I need to catch up with other things I missed. Now... Any ideas? Help? Oh, and this is Christmas time that I'll be getting one of them.

2013-11-14 21:35:38

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