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I have a long distance guy friend. He being distant but keeps saying I'm being distant. What should I do?

We're used to texting every day. This week: I texted him. He ignored my texts all day till I got upset in my texts. Next day, he texts at night asking why I didn't text him. Next day, I text him, and he ignores my texts all day till I get upset in my texts. Next day, no one texts anyone. When he is replying, he talks about being close and good friends and whatnot. I've told him how I've felt, and he still acts like I'm the one who's being distant. Apparently he had a lot of work due yesterday. But the mixed messages are confusing and frustrating and I'm trying to remember why we're still friends. But I can't say good bye and end whatever it is unless I'm sure

2013-11-14 21:40:44

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