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I think I accidentally lead someone on. What to do?

I just moved to another city for graduate school and am trying to make new friends. I went out drinking with a group of people from my department and there was one guy who I was chatting with most of the night. He wasn't flirting with me and neither was I and our conversation seemed just 'friendly' to me. He gave me his number but I got a couple other people's numbers that night as well so that I can call them to hangout so I thought nothing of it. Anyways I asked him if he would mind walking me to my car( the area we were walking around was sketchy and it was late) he said sure...I think he might have thought I had other intentions..because he gave me a hug when I got to my car. I have a boyfriend so obviously I am not interested, but I feel like I unintentionally lead him on. Did I? Or was he just being friendly as well by walking me to my car? Oh and I heard he is in a relationship as well.

2013-11-14 21:45:52

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