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Hcg level doubling fast. Twins?

So I know for sure when I ovulated. I charted also. So here is a back story. HCG levels will be included. So my mother is a fraternal twin. Her mother had 3 sets of twins. Well I found out I was pregnant and my hcg is high and doubling fast according to my numbers may be too high for one baby. Give me your thoughts. Also if you had twins let me know your numbers. 11dpo: 23....... Took at 4pm 13dpo 57 Took at 4pm 19dpo 1170 Took at 9am 20dpo: 2725 Took at 4pm I have not had a ultrasound;yet. But I am anxious to know how many babies.

2013-11-14 21:53:37

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