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World of Warcraft screenshots please help!!!??

I used to play a game called World of Warcraft. Recently I decided I wanted to recover all the data on my laptop but I found out my brother deleted it. He wiped the hard drive and laughed when I got upset. My parents don't care and sided with him. I have lost all the data I was using for over 5 years. I have been struggling with depression for the past 3 years and have been having suicidal thoughts as well. Every night for the past few months I have been staying awake all night crying and wondering where my life is going. I think I know where it is going and it is not in a good place. I have autism and ADD so it makes life really difficult for me. My brother seems to find all this funny but I need help. If you could help me I would be so grateful. I need to recover my old World of Warcraft screenshots. When my brother wiped the hard drive I could not find them anywhere. I am not saying I am suicidal because I want attention or because I am crying out for help. I am a grown man and my life has been going downhill throughout the last few years. I think I am going to kill myself if I cannot find these files. These images contains a perfect picture of life when I was happier, and had a lot to live for. Now my life is going nowhere and if I cannot find these files I am going to end it. I used to hang around with this group of people for years and now they have spread a rumour about me that is not true. They have also owed me a lot of money for years and have no intention of paying it back. I have spoken to my parents but they don't really seem to listen. Society mocks and looks down upon people like me. If you could help me find these files you might save a life. Please help if you can :)

2013-11-14 21:50:19

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