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knocked down will i be compensated ????

i was knocked down six months ago although i dont have any recollection of the whole accident the garda say they wont be involved in any further way. i broke both legs and my wrist and a few other injuries apparently i was running for the bus and the garda said they wont be pressing charges against the driver although this has only been recently told to me. will i be compensated for the injuries i sustained?? i was bed ridden for 12 weeks and still my legs are not even 70% better yet both tibbia breaks right leg the into the bone .. this accident has changed my life and the driver was only going at a 30 mph or below which everyone thinks thats impossible for the injuries i sustained ... i need some answers and anyone that would work in this field ??? .. again i still dont remember anything about the accident and i would never just run out in frnt of a car wihout looking .. again any information would be briliant ?? thanks

2013-12-04 03:26:14

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