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Let Her Go, or continue trying?

Hi, So recently my girlfriend and I had to split our ways because of college, at first both of us kept the relationship going (phone calls, sms, skype, etc.) as the year progress well its started become more of a one way street with me ussually initating the conversation, after nearly 4 moths aways (we've been dating a few years now) each returned to our hometown and we saw each for the whole weekend, and honestly it was just like old times, except for one thing she constantly told me that she hated our hometown how were she goes to college now is well better, less boring and her real home now. And also she said that beside spending time with me she sees no need to come back. She also noted that she loves me a lot but wouldnt give up her new life in college (i pretty sure hopefully that doesnt mean cheating on me) for me, which was a whole different story before were both her and I were willing to sacrafice our better education to be closer, and well I dont know i love this women beyond life and when im with her i get the feeling that she feels the same about me, but at the same time I feel like Im holding her back, i mean im looking into tranfering closer to her but i love so much that i want her to be happy cause she deserves it every last bit. Its hard on me, real hard, and I have a stoic personality so I kind of dont show it but it hurts tremendously, but i would do anything for her. Thanks for the advice in advance

2013-12-04 03:30:14

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