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Swollen lymph node, back pain, chesty tickly cough, wake up hot, fatigued?

I've been experiencing back pain, which is really extreme, it creeps right up into my neck and shoulders. My lymph node in my left groin and right side of neck are swollen and have been so for over a week. I feel so fatigued and can sleep almost all of the time not feel recharged at any point, I wake up red hot and have to take my covers off Because my clothes become slightly damp. Then I struggle to get comfortable because everywhere aches and my chest feels heavy any my cough is so unbearable I can't lay down. I recently went to the doctors with severe pain in my side which they though was perhaps kidney stones ect. But I've not picked up since apart from the pain in the localised area of my left side. I still feel exhausted. My skin sometimes also gets unbearably itchy to the point that my skin goes red because I want it to go away. I'd put this down to depression but there are a fair few physical symptoms. I've also lost weight over the past year, Not significantly but people have noticed a difference in me). I'm aware I need to go the doctors I will do so tomorrow but would like people's opinions. Thanks a lot for any help

2013-12-04 03:36:46

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