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Is this normal for a teenager.?

I'm kind of torn between a lot of things because I'm not other people so I don't know how they think or how they are so how am I suppose to known I'm normal. Anyways people say teens have hormonal changes and stuff so like they get mood swings and stuff. So the thing is I get mood swings too, quite a lot actually when ever im at school I get really mad and annoyed at people for really no reason then sometimes I get really sad and just feel like everyone hates me even my friends and that if i wasnt there they'd just not care and notice that I was gone like I feel that they don't actually like me like they like my other friends. I'll admit i am a bit anti social but i've always been like that I just feel like I don't need to talk to people mostly because usually when I do they don't really listen and are judging me inside their head and are just like yea whatever that has nothing to so with what we're talking about so let me continue talking. I dunno. But anyways is this normal I'm 14

2013-12-04 03:41:19

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