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I broke up with a guy because....but now I sort of wish I didn't?

I broke up with a guy because people were telling me I shouldnt date a non christian. I had several people telling me actually so I decided to brake up with him to please them and so i wouldnt feel so guilty anymore. I'm kind of regretting it now. I mean I guess I was also feeling like I wasn't getting to know him at all either but I could have just talked to him about that instead of breaking up with him with the excuse "it's just not working out." Is there really anything I can do? I dont want to beg to get back together because that's pathetic but like agghh. I dont even know if hed want to get back together with me. We broke up like two weeks ago so I dont even know if he still likes me. We dated almost 2 months. I have to go give him something tomorrow that I was borrowing from him because he asked for it back....don't know exactly how that has to do with this but maybe there could be something I could say...even if it's just like a simple apology for it having to end like that or something...i dont know. Thanks in advance.

2013-12-06 06:03:17

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