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I need a new computer... Help me out?

Please, in simple terms help me out. Lol. So my computer is old and is just slowly giving out on me. I'm tired of constantly struggling with it. It's almost 7 years old. Like wow. So, I just want to quit all of the none sense and just get something more updated. So, what is a good computer? The only thing I really do on the computer is go on YouTube, and sometimes look up articles and stuff for my own enjoyment. Researching. Because I also write. And photography, all of my pictures go onto the computer. So of course, I would like Photoshop too some day... And then of course facebook, pinterest... Just simple stuff. Not a big computer geek. As long as I can go over my pictures and write, I'm good. But I am a film nerd... So, basically, I'll make a list in what I want for a computer and it would be great if you guys gave me options that might "suit" me best. (: I want to be able to build upon my filming and photography. So I want something that I can download editing programs and Photoshop to, etc... Something portable? I guess everything is like that these days though, huh? Something "heavy duty". I'm the type of person that might go around outside, or trip carrying the lap top. (I try to avoid carrying it at all costs. I'm kinda klutzy) But that's not demanded or anything. It'd just be nice. So really, just a simple computer I can do my film work and writing on that I can carry around. Nothing too bulky. Ya know? Anyways, I hope I made sense! I'm really desperate! Also, I am not the richest person in the world. :/ So, something... Cheaper... Not brand new, something that just came out...? Thanks! Much appreciated! P.S. Sorry for any bad spelling/grammar. On my iPod... Because of course, I don't have a computer.

2013-12-06 06:04:54

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