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Is this a good poem? Just take a second to read it'd mean alot thanks?

Found this on my phone fron who knows when I wrote it Just want to know if it was good didn't put any thought into it just wrote Im not scared to say I was raped I know it was my fault a matter of fate My friend the last I spoke to that night If only he knew how much fear I felt the fright I double thought it as I saw him come back and forth my block Im so stupid ii should of stayed home just stopped But no I said what could happen he's harmless. So I thought Buy that night he proved me wrong after that bottle we bought. I got in the car so dressed up you see To never get to a club where I was meant to be A night full of coincidences I say my bro in law at a local bar He saw me from the back from a far He peeked in an its funny How I was scared wanted to get away from him What I didn't know that the one I was with was the danger within We took off faster Not knowing how he would make my life a living disaster

2013-12-06 06:18:34

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