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Do you think he likes me? TEN POINTS?

Im in high school and I can't tell if this guy likes me. He made up this nickname for me and he's calls me it at least once a day and he smiles while he's doing it. I always catch him staring at me. Whenever I look over at him his body is always pointed towards me. When we had this group project, he always kept asking only me for help with stupid things that he could have asked anyone. He asked me if i had an instagram, which might not mean anything. Well yesterday I went to his basketball game. I kept catching looking at me every time he shot the ball when he was warming up. But then he didn't say anything to me when he ran over to his friends. There were girls there too and he talked to them. I don't know if he likes me or not. Somedays I'm almost positive he does and other days I feel like he doesn't and I'm just thinking about it too much. What do you think?

2013-12-14 20:36:46

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