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Does she like me? I know I'm good looking and I made her laugh.?

I am in a foreign country with this girl who is also foreign And we are both learning the same language. I noticed toe every single guy tries to hit on her. I tried to play it cool and just take it slow. The first day I saw her I made her laugh very hard. But in the middle of it she walked away and Sometimes she smiles at me a nd time she acts like I don't exist. I have seen her recently walking around with two other guys From school and she acts like I don't exist. I'm not trying to play any games And I'm not going to chase her either. As I'm typing this I just realized that the two guys are from the same country has her. But I know she is really somewhat interested. Sorry for any typeos. What do you think?

2013-12-14 20:44:46

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