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Girls , why does she acts like this?

Ok so this new girl joined my school from poland about 4 months ago , she joined my tutor aswell. After being paired in a group for a lesson project we got to talking and joking alot. She has a problem still with some English so I offered that if she needs a hand she can always ask me. Her name is ola by the way. We got to joking and I guess flirting a little and we still act that way ( but more "into it" I guess haha) this happened while she had a bf ( she's been single now for about 2 or so weeks). She would send me alot of wink kisses on Facebook , when I jokingly said woudlnt your bf be unhappy if he saw that he told me she broke up with hi and that she sends wink kisses to everybody ( got nothing to say she doesn't haha ). She also asked if I had snap chat and adde me on it and that's how we "talk" outside of school , it's most days I thin last week we were on snap hat to eachother after school 6 day out of 7. She sends me alot of messages and videos when she is bored ( idk If se really is bore or just claims to be ). Today while in our group lesson I was working with her and I attempted to read some polish she had written , unlike most polish people she just laughed ( good laugh not bad ) at m attemp compared to most others being annoyed at how I non purposely butcher their language. Playfully I took her diary aswell and she chased me and we had a little play fight with her trying to get it back , she did in the end as she wrapped her leg around mine and I don't use my strength when with girls because I don't want to hurt them ( I hate guys who hurt women ) and after school she was playfully pushing me and I did it back to her , I got the last one and she seemed happy annoyed if you know what it mean haha. Then earlier on snap hat we compare pictures of our arm muscles as she said she was stronger than me haha. Also last week in our group lesson she was pokin me so I poked her back and we had a playful poke "fight" , and whenever we see eachother she starts doing these joke weird looks so I do them bak and we do it untill one of us stars laughing. She laughs alot when we talk an smiles , she laughs at most f my jokes aswell. She also has randomly looked at me because I've been told by my mate and then I see her doing the weird look , I don't know if she looks when I can't see. We snap hat as I said for about 1-3 or more hours a days usually , when we were talking on it earlier she called me baby aswell and last week sent me alot of hearts. I gave her a Christmas card and she got happy and smiled and seemed surprised (good way)when I gave her it , she got surprised again when I told her I wrote it in polish because she has a bit of trouble with some English words So that's the main things I remember at the moment , what do u think ? Why do u think she might be acing like this with me ? Also bear in mind I don't think or feel that way towards her , I think she's attractive but that's it I like someone else ( and I know I don't like this new girl in that way because I know my feelings ) , also bear in mind i can be a bit "playful" with some girls If I feel comfortable around them , I don't do it flirticiously but idk if some people think I do.

2013-12-14 20:37:43

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