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I found an old video of me naked as a child.?

I was looking through old videos and i came across one that had me dancing in my room. When i was young i always loved to dance and i loves being on camera. In the video it didn't look like i was forced to do anything. And my mother was filming. But my shirt kept falling down so she asked if i wanted to Change out of my shirt so i did. I asked her if she was still filming and she said no. But then i called her a liar and went up to the camera to make sure and then my mom cuts the camera and then im dancing again. this was always a memory of mine but i didn't know it was real. Well anyways what should i do? When i saw it i started crying. Am i over reacting? I just feel violated but i would never expect,my mother to do anything gross like that. Someone help me. I am 16 now and i was 7 on the video.

2013-12-14 20:43:36

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