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Tips to lose weight.?

okay, so I'm not the fittest person or healthiest person out but I really wanna lose the weight, I like being curvy, but there's just too many curves now, I was wondering if I walk for an hour straight every morning, and you know go at my own pace from there maybe slowly turn it into jogging, I can't run because when I was 2 I was diagnosed with meningococcal and my legs croak when I run to fast, so because of that I'm not able to run as long as should be able to, so I was wondering if I go at my own pace will it take longer to lose the weight, I'm a big boy and I really wanna lose this weight. Also my diet isn't the best, what's the best way to cut down, like to not have the urge to eat when not necessary, will cutting down instead of completely changing my diet help ? also any other tips to help lose the weight ? please this information is seriously helpful. Thanks.

2013-12-14 20:50:28

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