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No boyfriend on New Years Eve. Can I be mad?

We're having a huge New Years Eve Party at my house. Family/Friends/Friend of friends, EVERYONE. And. My boyfriend isn't coming. I figured he'd go out with his friends. And that's fine. I'm not friends with his friends. But I figured he'd at least stop by my house that night before the party started or after. He won't even do that. He's extremely shy and hates being around groups of people (especially my family/friends), I get that (pretty sure he has social anxiety). There's no reason why he can't stop by before the party he lives 2 minutes from me. His whole thing is that he "doesn't see the point" if he's not going to be there at midnight. What are your thoughts on this? Am I being unreasonable? Can't tell if it's a result of his douchebag-ness, not caring, or him being incredably shy around my family( as always ).

2013-12-19 04:12:45

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