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Joseph can you answer this question. I saw you know a lot about dreams. Thanks.?

Joseph- or anyone can you please answer this dream? I saw Joseph knew a lot about and I liked his previous answer on one of my other dreams and would like his insight on this one too. I dreamed my bf (fiancé) shot himself in the chest with a gun. It was very realistic and the dream was very synchronized and detailed if that makes sense. I was in an old child hood home I was abused in and for some reason it was like It was our home but not our actual home. Make sense? I was talking to my bf and someone else and he acted normal like always and walked in the bedroom. I thought nothin of it and as I started down the hallway I saw him just pull out a gun and shoot himself in the chest. It was my bf but also like it was a male cousin of mine. It's like he was a vision of both people. It upset me for days after having this dream. I kept telling my bf I didn't wanna lose him and how much I loved him. Please tell me what this means. Thank you

2013-12-19 04:12:23

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