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Need a friend to talk to...young guys advice?

I met this guy when I was 14 (16 now, almost 17). From the time we met, we were inseparable. We talked from the time we woke up to fell asleep. I was kinda depressed and he honestly made me so happy =) we were like that for about a year, always together. hanging in groups, we branched off together. he tried to kiss me at one point but i pulled away because I wasn't prepared or expecting it. he was my best friend and I didn't want to ruin that. things never were awkward after that! After about a year, things faded. it started when my best friend (his really good friend as well) started blackmailing me. she knew he helped me a bit and she started threatening me. blah blah blah now we don't talk at all. we hung out last May for like 5 hours and things were great! he text me in october asking the location of something. i miss him, so 2 weeks ago i messaged him saying we never talk anymore i miss you! normally he would say i miss you too lets hang out soon. he saw the msg and ignored it. I just want to cry. It's been a very bad year for me, multiple MAJOR surgeries and i lost my grandmother in the middle of this (2nd mother basically). if that were him, i would be asking if he was alright, anything i could do, whatever. If any young guy could give me advice, i would so appreciate it. anybody giving advice would be great. =( thanks also feel free to email me to talk privately. doesn't matter to me

2013-12-19 04:25:45

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