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Les Miserables help???/!!?

Can someone please help me.... 1) What crime does Jean Valjean commit that sends him to prison? 2) How does Valjean's situation remind you of what France was like right before the French Revolution (think about what he stole and why)? 3) What kinds of things does Fontaine do to earn money to feed her young daughter (these were all common in 18th-century France, by the way)? 4) Valjean gets confronted with a moral dilemma when JaVert informs him that he has captured the man he believes to be the escaped Valjean. Of course in reality, Valjean is right in front of him and JaVert is setting a trap. What would you do in this situation? 5) The Friends of ABC, the group of young student rebels, fights against the French government. What ends up happening to them in the end?

2013-12-19 04:19:25

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