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Why I Feel Sick & Stressed Always.. :(?

So Friends how are you all.. The problem with me is i feel sick all day. I have low headache and feels like vomitting most of the time in a day,and sore throth.and feels like i have fever.. I checked my fever it is normal,i asked to my doctor about vomitting,he said that it's ok while you have throth problem.and i have low eye vision, i have specks to wear but i don't wear that,it ain't look cool at me.. :D and i sit about 10 hours a day infront of computer at work and at home..does that cause headache...and in vomiiting nothings comes out,its only i feel like i will but nothings come out.. :( Now it has been 7 days and still i feel like i am sick.. what to do,??? Merry Crismax and Happy Happy New Year Friends.. ;)

2013-12-21 16:12:25

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