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Need help saving for my first car?!?

I'm soon to be 15 and id love to start saving now so when I turn 16 I'll at least have some money for my first car! I'm getting a job at a burrito place soon and I'll be making minimum wage so I'll need to make a little extra on the side some how.. Any tips would be appreciated. ALSO I need help picking a car.. For my 16th birthday me and 4 friends will be going on a road trip and I was actually looking at getting a 1960-1970 vw bus but I then found out it has NO safety measured at all even though it's a beautiful van.. That and I'd have to restore it (which I'm fine with) but yeah any nice looking safe bigger cars/vans/trucks would be great as long as i might find them on craigslist or something for a maximum of 8-10k... Again any help would be appreciated <3!

2013-12-21 16:26:31

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