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I need help modifying my idea for this plot...?

Okay, so, people tell me I have this talent with having awesome ideas and writing well, but that's if I am given a plot. I have tons of ideas for one, but I would like some insight. I have had these ideas inside of me since I was a little kid. So, I used to have vivid dreams and I think dreams are amazing, especially since I am a lucid dreamer. I want my main character to have to do something with it, but how? I was thinking they can take characters out of it, but how can that exactly battle evil? It's all just mixed up in my head and has been for the past year and I'm trying like fifty different versions. I just don't know which one to use and if they're interesting enough. Now, I'm not writing this for anyone. I want it for me, but it's funny because I can't please myself until I find one that I can feel in my heart.

2013-12-30 01:52:26

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