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Intermediate self taught Guitar player...lessons?

I started off playing guitar about 9 or so months ago. At first, I thought it would be something that would last a week or so, but I started to take it seriously 3 months ago. Ever since september, my progress has gone up astronomically. I know how to form maj7 chords based on their roots, basic chords such as c, d, etc, power chords, notes on the neck, and the pentatonic scale in its five positions (a bit of dorian mixed also). I can play many songs from start to finish (basically chord progressions) and can improvise IMO pretty well to a backing track. My phrasing is also quite good, nothing great but definitely not bad. Ever since a week ago, ive started to dive into the modes using online resources, and also how chords are constructed. I consider myself intermediate. My main question is, are guitar lessons basically for the basics of guitar? Should I start lessons? I feel like I dont NEED them as I have learned all the basics. Should I just continue what I'm doing? I dont want to pursue anything in music, if I did I would definitely take lessons with an instructor. Guitar for me is something I love to do to express myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Stick to teaching myself using online and paper resources or take private lessons?

2013-12-30 01:57:59

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