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Should I tell my therapist? 10 POINTS!?

I am being treated for depression. However, I always thought that I have a little bit of OCD in me. Its not a matter of I have to do something everyday, its a matter of I have to do something in a particular way when I do a certain thing. This may sound weird but here goes: -when I swallow I have to swallow 3 times. -whenever I touch or use certain things I have to lift them up to see that they are not touching anything then put them down again. -whenever I think that something is going well (for example if I think 'this day is going well') I have touch wood three times or my day will start going badly. -every night before I go to bed I have to lift my table up, lift my clock up then lift my blanket up. -when I wash my hands I have to lift the soup up, put it back down, sqeeze the soup onto my hand and see that it's there, rub it in and see the bubbles of the soup in both hands and ensure everything is rinsed off. These are all little things that don't greatly affect my life but are still there. But should I tell my therapist because she is treating me for depression and has no clue about what I have just said, infact no one does (I think). Also, is it even worth telling her or worrying about? And lastly, if I was to tell her, how would I do it. I mean I wouldn't just go "I think I have OCD" it may not even be OCD so I don't know what to call it.

2013-12-30 01:54:36

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