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Are we psycho or what? please?

Elizabeth- very reserved around people she doesn't know, gets a little awkward in group situations with people she isn't close with. however, it is easy for her to get in to long term relationships, and she is very good and charming with people she chooses fit to hang around. she can be very manipulative, and can persuade most people to do things very easily. she is good at lying and making elaborate stories on the spot, but rarely needs to. she doesn't like being around people very much, but loves animals, and plans on moving to a ranch in the countryside as a veterinarian. she is very smart, and is in the top 10% in the nation on all standardized tests, like PSATs/SATs, and got a perfect score on the last standardized science exam. yet her grades are average because she does not apply herself, gets bored easily. gets upset easily, and hard for her to handle emotions. likes control: a lot. Tommi-can be very outgoing, but gets annoyed with people easily. she is liked by many but can only maintain very short relationships with boys, her longest relationship being two months. she keeps her emotions pretty locked away. she listens to a lot of music to cope with emotions that are hard for her to express. her grades are average, her standardized test scores also average. she wants to be a nurse because medicine interests her. she tends to move very quickly in relationships rather than taking things slow. We both can empathize with people we want to, but we can also hold it back and lack empathy. We've been best friends for years, we can only really tolerate eachother. We've been obsessed with horror movies since we were children, and we just always think about killing people and it's terrible to say.. We know we never will because we can control ourselves but the fact that we want to is what's worrying... Not even killing, the rush of crime just excites us. Killing, robbing, being on the run, it's just, i don't know, exciting. We know everyone really have those thoughts but ours aren't just thoughts, we actually long to do these things. Are we mad, or normal?

2013-12-30 02:01:21

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