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Trivia! What movie is this from? (game)?

movie quote 1: Guy: This is a gun. This is a trigger. You only pull the trigger when you want to SHOOT SOMETHING! Girl: *eye roll* *BANG shoots tree* Guy: What the- what?! Girl: I wanted to shoot it... Movie #2 Girl: I'm like a bobcat twisty pretzel Movie #3 Girl to 4 or 5 pregnant ladies: Oh when are you guys do? Pregnant ladies all in unison: August 23rd Girl: Haha! Oh, really? What a coincidence! One of the pregnant ladies: No. We've planned it since collage. Girl: Ha---- oh really? Oh... nice then... Movie #4 Man: I'm sailing!!! Movie #5 Girl: Only call me Mrs. Darcy when you are positively beaming with happiness Man: *Kisses woman* Mrs. Darcy...

2013-03-08 20:03:59

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