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Swollen,Puffy, Overgrowing Gums?

Well I've had braces now for almost 16 months, and I get them off in about 2-3 months. Which isnt a long time if you think about life in reality. My gums are a normal color, so I dont think its Gingivitis. There swollen, puffy and are covering up some of my teeth. With braces my teeth look fine, but if I were to take them off right now I would probally only have half my teeth showing. I have been brushing better as I was instructed by my dentist. A lot better! For almost 3 months now. I dont seem to know the problem, and I really need to get them in good shape so I can get my braces off sooner. If I smile it shows more of my gums than my actual teeth. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this? I have an appointment Wednesday, but any other tips? Thanks in advance! It really means a lot to know that my teeth will be better soon.

2012-10-27 01:09:40

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