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Legal action against nurse? Missed something that caused death of baby.?

At 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant, a nurse who is not trained in sonography gave me an ultrasound at my fertility clinic. She had a lot of trouble deciphering what she saw and thought I had a second empty gestational sac attached to our first gestational sac. We did see our baby with a strong heartbeat in the first sac. The nurse told us to come back in one week to see if the second sac would grow or shrink. My husband and I returned one week later and all heck had broke loose. The second sac turned out to be a growing subchorionic hematoma that put tremendous pressure on our baby's gestational sac and suffocated it to death by stopping blood flow to the placenta. I just had my D&C this morning...and the subchorionic hematoma was confirmed by the doctor who performed my surgery. After doing research at home, if a subchorionic hematoma is caught early, blood thinners or baby asprin can help dissolve the hematoma...therefor reducing chance of fetal death. Subchorionic hematomas are often mistaken for a second gestational sac by someone who is untrained. So my husband and I lost our baby that we tried years to conceive over an incompetent nurse. Do we have any rights to seek legal action over negligence? This isnt about money, as we are not in need of that....we would just want this to never happen to anyone else in that office. Thoughts?

2012-10-27 01:17:17

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