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Why is it whenever i look up something on youtube, i get this?

whenever i search up anything on youtube, i get a blank white page with a bunch of symbols on it. Allow me to give you an example, ��1@ο���P���i�۸�(�߫`넏�8%'M�U}5�ʮ�������)�%��IJ*�9�������o)oo /I������-Gw�1$����x�K��~��sS�#k�� �����~%c�A7�J��݌��������{/ޏ _��8k����J�:{Q�֝�X�͎ed��c���W2 at it just goes on and on, and on, like that. How do i fix this?

2012-10-27 01:20:39

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