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Writers block.. What do I do? I can't rap!!?

I'm 14 and have huge dreams of being a rapper. But I always have writers block. A couple days ago I didn't though. It felt good to be able to write again!! I wrote what I thought was a dope rap! I posted it on Instagram and a few people liked it. (I don't think many of my followers are rap fans) my friends said It sounded like old school Eminem (that made me happy, cause Eminem is my all time favorite rapper. I literally grew up listening to him) but sense I can't write anymore. I have that writers block back again. I hate it! It over Whelms me an makes me want to quit rapping. What do I do? I really don't want to quit. I wanna be able to write a lot of stuff.

2014-01-14 04:47:15

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