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I need help deciding on a tattoo, any ideas? :)?

I want to get a tattoo to represent my upbringing during my teenage years. I'm getting a tattoo in a few months and I've been looking a pictures but I really want my own tattoo but can't seem to decide on what. I want a tattoo to represent myself becoming stronger and independent after going through a hard time when I was 13-15. My father left us and I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, get into alot of trouble and snuck out alot. I caused alot of trouble for my mom and others and I was failing high school with no desire to go to college in the future. And now, after meeting a couple of right people.. my life has surely picked up in the last few years. I graduated at the age of 16 by taking 2 years of high school in one year and I am now going to college for a nursing major. I would love a tattoo to commemorate this. Any ideas? I would like a half sleeve or it to be on my thigh. Thanks :)

2014-01-14 04:54:11

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