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does he ust want to be friends or is he interested?? help!?

How to know if a guy likes me or is just trying to be my friend is something i can never seem to tell the difference. There is this guy john who is good friends with my friend adam and i have known john for about a year now but i was with someone else at the time but nothing has happend. i remeber he asked me if i had any single friends that looked like me.. which gav me a hint that he thinks i am cute. I just saw him a few weeks at a party and we were talking about me ex and he said i could do better etc. then he hit me up on fb a few times to tell me he was having people over his house and i should stop by. what i dont understand is why hasnt he asked for my number or to just hangout... so im not sure if he interested or not. helpQ

2014-01-14 04:57:45

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