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If I have anhedonia, does that mean i'm "depressed"?

I looked up symptoms for feeling numb, empty and having a loss of interest in things that used to pleasure me (music, food, etc.) and it came up with anhedonia. I did some further research on it and it said it is one of the main symptoms of depression, another thing said that "if you do not have anhedonia, you are not depressed" so does this mean i'm depressed? I can still get out of bed in the morning, I don't feel prolonged sadness, I do have low self esteem but so do many teenage girls. I've have anhedonia since about late grade 8 (I was 14) and it continued for all of grade 9 (I was emotionless but still had interest in things), and it's gotten better but still kind of persists in grade 10, but now I have this loss of interest which started in the summer before grade 10, which i'm in right now. I used to be very emotional and feel things very deeply, I was also very sensitive and it kind of all just faded away. I'm not entirely sure what this empty could stem from.

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