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Think I might have frostbite.. need advice?

I think I might have frostbite. I had to walk home tonight and it took me about 45 minutes to do so. The temperature according to the Weather Channel is around 30 degrees, yet when I got home the tips of some of my toes were white and numb. I looked up first aid for frostbite and put my toes in warm (but not hot) water for 30-35 min. and then dried off and put them in fuzzy socks and under a blanket. They are chilly but I haven't noticed blistering (though I know that won't form right away). My toes turned red/pink again pretty quickly once being put in the water and they also regained a somewhat painful tingling sensation after only a few minutes (two Motrin took care of that). I plan on keeping them in fuzzy socks and walking as little as possible the next few days, as well as taking the maximum amount of Motrin possible over the next 48 hours to try to keep down swelling. Other than birth control, I'm currently on no long-term meds. What do I do? Am I okay with my home treatment as long as I don't notice any deterioration over the next week or so? A side question, if anyone has experience/knowledge: I just had some warts frozen on the bottom of my foot and those are supposed to blister, and I'm supposed to go back in 5 weeks to have them frozen again. Is that a bad idea, considering the frostbite? They're all on the bottom of my feet, not the areas that were white when I got home. I'll consult with my doctor first on that point, but I was curious if anyone here knew.

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