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brain damage from drug interaction with weed??!?

This is something ive come to yahoo to ask because I have nowhere else to turn. Ive been to several doctors and psychologists for this and almost been hospitalized twice. I have done tons of research and there is no known name but the closest things are an acquired brain injury, delirium, or psychosis. Anyways About 1 month ago I was on 3 different medications called Risperidone, benztropine, and vistaril. during this time i proceeded to smoke marijuana two times which I had a horrible reaction to. When i was 'high' I had weird symptoms like racing heart, blurred vision And panic attacks for days on end even after I was sober. but could find no other reactions from that medicine that would cause my condition. A few days after I had smoked I was never the same again. My major symptoms are as follows: disorientation of time and all senses, bad memory loss/impairment, trouble expressing thoughts, vision changes and hallucinations, sleep disturbances, many more. Nicotine and THC worsen it

2014-01-16 20:53:45

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