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i have been going through weird feelings lately,am i suffering from psychosis?

i m having feelings that why i am made human,we are mixture of bones and flesh.....our mind is a piece of meat but it is able to store a whole lot of information every day,and it never stops....our body is so much conjusted from the inside cuz it has veins,muscles sticked with bones beneath the skin...i m beginning to get concerned over these feelings....i know that not every one feels the same as me but i wanna get rid of these feelings...whenever i see a human,i see him as a mixture of bones and flesh beneath the skin...i've never been through these feelings before in my life... sometimes i feel like i m losing contact with reality,i've become a bit careless these days...whenever someone is talking about a disease,or when i hear or see someone suffering from any kind of disease,i began to wander whether if i am suffering from the same disease too but this is in me from the start ...i m afraid to discuss this from my parents because they are gonna think of me as an over reacting...i have this habbit of getting concerned over little issues from the start and if this is the reason that has led to these feelings....

2014-01-16 20:54:13

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