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I have a tax question, Ive never filed before because I never worked that long..or Ive been in school full-tim?

I started working at a factory December 16, 2013 Until January 10 2014. I NO longer work there, I had transportation issues and there is no Public bus that goes that way. I was making $10.15 an hour. the checks were very low because of the holidays ya know. I really didn't make anything to brag about. Im a single female no kids in Ohio. I have no other source of income and that's the only job I had in 2013. I'm currently seeking employment elsewhere. My bestie was telling me I need to file or Uncle Sam would come after me, A figure of speech im sure. Can someone tell me if I still have to file, I mean what am I filing?? I didn't work longer then a month unfortunately. I worked 8 hours a day by the way, I'm trying to make sure I included everything so I hope I mentioned all the important stuff. I havent received my w2 but I'm sure they'll send it in the mail. I dont want to get in trouble but I dont really have funds like that to pay someone to help me with these taxes..I just dont understand it all. I see an Accounting Course in my future. Alright I typed a lot lol...:) in conclusion, I worked less then a month, single female in Ohio, no kids, do I need to file..will I get anything back?Is it worth it??HELP

2014-01-16 20:59:28

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