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Out of cymbalta....HELP?

I just got my insurance card in the mail but not my prescription card yet. I've been on cymbalta for 1 year, but when I switched jobs 4 months ago I had to just rely on samples til my insurance at this job kicked in.I have insurance now, but haven't received the prescription card. Without that my meds are 300 dollars, which I do not have. As for the samples, my doctor ran out. I keep calling asking him to call me back to find out if and when I can get more, but I never get an answer. I also tried printing off coupons I saw online but the pharmacist told me that only knocks off about 30 dollars. It's been almost a week off my medicine and I'm feeling horrible. My PTSD is getting the best of me, my anxiety is killing me, and the withdrawals are causing me to shake.I'm terrified of how much worse this withdrawal is going to be. Now my question is, what can I do!? Is there a coupon that actually will take care of the cost? Anyway I can get samples til I get the script card?

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