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Month long headache, Fainting/seizier, help?

I'm asking this again because I didn't receive answers. I'm 17 years old, im average height and weight. I have asthma and I take anti-anxiety medicine. Here's where my problem is: Ive had a terrible headache for over a month now. Non stop pain. Its on the lefts side about an inch behind my ear and it moves to my left temple. Just recently the pain has started moving to the right side. This is surprising to me because 2 years ago i had a major concussion and hadn't had any pain there since. About an hour ago I was alone in the kitchen and felt faint, I sat down but I woke up on the floor. I estimated that I was out for about 5-10 mins. Im extremely sore and I cant seem to fully clench my right hand. Also I would like to mention that for the past 5 years or so ive had a lump at the base of my skull, I had it looked at and had a CAT scan but nothing turned up then. My doctor seems to just blow everything off and considering ER costs i'd rather not go there unless its a real emergency. Is this really serious? Thanks in advance! I would also like to add that Ive taken pretty much every kind of over the counter medicine my parents could get from the pharmacy. Nothing has helped the pain stop. It seems to be the worst at night and in the mornings. Wow, I spelled Seizure wrong XD I'm sorry for the confusion!

2014-01-27 04:34:40

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