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GUYS: Do you think he lost interest already? PLEASE HELP?

So I met this guy when I went on vacation with my friend and he went with her sister. Im a senior in highschool and hes a junior. I really started to like him and my friends brother told me that he likes me to. So after the trip I gave him my number a few days later. We texted that night and the next day. Everything was going good I told him that I really started to like him when we were on the trip and he said he liked me to but was scared to get my number because I was a senior. He told me how glad he was to meet me and all this... hes a great guy and I really like him but then after that night he didn't text me for 2 days so I ended up texting him saying "Hey:)" but he never responded and its been a day. I don't understand why he wouldn't respond at all I thought things were going good. But the problem is is that I wont get to see him to ever ask him if something happened because we don't go to th same school so I don't ever see him

2014-01-27 04:28:55

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