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How to respond to her, and does she like me?

I like this girl, and we are talking on facebook. This is how the conversation transpired. We're kinda friends but I'm a little awkward irl, and I just missed a week of school so I have a lot of catchup work. Her: ahahah sh*t dude the homework me: yeah it sucks we already knew that her: ahahaha me: still havent started im gonna procrastinate the day away her: jesus man are you coming tomorrow? me: yep :/ it turns into :) if i get the work done it turns into :'( if I don't it will most likely be :'( her: ahahaha k Your take on this chat? How is it going for me, and from this do you think she's interested? What should I respond, if I respond at all? Please answer as many questions as possible, and if you aren't gonna be useful, don't respond at all. Thanks

2014-01-27 04:29:23

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